Biztalk CRM Adapter for Managing Business and How to Use It

By Linda

Each company usually uses a relevant system to manage business more seamlessly. You can consider the Biztalk CRM adapter as a middleware system capable of integrating company information. It’s an effective way to optimize the business value you manage.

Get to know Biztalk CRM Adapter

First of all, all companies have two types of information resources: internal and external. Companies need to combine these two information resources to make managing and developing their business easier.

Biztalk CRM’s adapter is a third-party adapter that will integrate the two company information resources from various applications used by the company. Apart from being a bridge, this third-party adapter also provides a good security and consistency system. 

Thus, you can rely on it for the integration process without worrying about losing or else damaging your data. Microsoft crafted the Biztalk CRM that accommodates business owners to communicate seamlessly over various business applications or between CRM systems.

Some other examples of applications that you can combine with CRM systems are customer service software, ERP systems, automated business processes, marketing automation platforms, and streamlined data flow.

5 Steps-Guide to Using BizTalk CRM System

You can follow the guidance steps below when installing the Biztalk CRM Adapter system. 

1. Installation Process

Make sure you have downloaded the Biztalk app on your computer. Then, carry out the installation and configuration process by following the instructions from the application. When installing the Biztalk application, you also need to pay attention and do the following instructions:

  • the global assembly cache (GAC) allows you to add other assemblies,
  • install visual and certificate directories,
  • you may add the Windows registry components you need,
  • if there is an MSI file, then you can run pre or post-processing scripts.

2. Create a New Biztalk Server Project

Since this is your first time using Biztalk, feel free to create a new server project. Also, make settings and configurations According to your business needs.

3. Create a New Biztalk Adapter Instance

The next step after creating a new Biztalk server project is to create and configure a Biztalk CRM adapter instance. To continue this process, you just need to follow the guide in the dialog box.

4. Data Real Time Synchronization

In order to monitor integrated data based on real-time, synchronize the various systems that you use with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Configuring and synchronizing real-time data is essential because it will make it easier for you to evaluate data.

5. Mapping

The final stage of the Biztalk installation process is mapping RCM entities with the company’s various business applications. You can do this mapping process by utilizing an adapter.

4 Key Features of Biztalk CRM Adapter

Microsoft completes middleware Biztalk as a third-party adapter with some key features worth relying on. Let’s check the features explained below!

1. Seamless CRM Integration

The main function of the adapter of Biztalk CRM is to integrate company data with all applications used. Microsoft provides Biztalk with a seamless CRM Integration feature that enables businesses to have a neater data view. In addition, seamlessly integrated information can also create integrated customer interactions.

2. Real-Time Data Synchronization

The next excellent feature is Real-Time Data Synchronization so you can get the latest data information. With this feature, you will not miss information about your business even if you use many applications.

3. Event-Based Automation

The Event-Based Automation feature allows CRM systems or other applications integrated with the adapter to automatically update the contact information. Furthermore, if a new prospect is added to the contact, the Event-Based Automation feature will synchronize it automatically.

4. Security and Compliance

Since customer information is sensitive, Biztalk also has reliable Security and Compliance features. Explanation and access control will make data more secure because it can ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Benefits of Biztalk CRM

Biztalk CRM adapter provides many advantages in business that are worth the talk. You can find out some of the benefits in the following breakdowns. 

1. Enhanced Customer Experience

You can find out the customer journey comprehensively because of the CRM system, which can be integrated with marketing automation or other platforms. Thus, you can lead to targeted and personalized interactions.

2. Efficient Sales Process

All companies prioritize efficiency in the marketing process in order to reach targets faster and get high-profit margins. You can make it happen if you use the BizTalk CRM adapter. Hence, you will no longer need to manually enter data. Furthermore, this third-party adapter will also flat the CRM and ERP data flow.

3. Automated Lead Management

Biztalk, as a third-party adapter, can generate prospects automatically through interactions on social media platforms or company websites. The chances of getting potential customers will increase, and you can do it more effectively and efficiently.

4. Broaden the View of Customers

Integrated data from various applications will make it easier for you to get a detailed picture of customers. Consequently, you can use it for upselling and cross-selling with better opportunities in sales.

How Important is Biztalk in 2023?

The existence of Biztalk in the digital era of 2023 is significant for developing business. The reason is that Biztalk will bridge good communication activities between the company and the customer. A powerful communication system makes it easier for companies to improve customer service and marketing and manage sales operations.

Biztalk also has a practical way of reducing the cost of long procedures. Thus, these third-party adapters not only have a positive influence on the communication process but also have a great influence on business profits.

Ready to Use Biztalk CRM Adapter?

To sum up, the Biztalk CRM adapter is a bridge that connects business data from various platforms into one place. This third-party adapter software also has reliable key features to optimize business operations.

In addition, it can provide data in real-time, update automatically, and have a seamless integration process which is critical to support an array of aspects of the business operation system. Furthermore, Biztalk also has a qualified security and compliance system to protect sensitive customer data.

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