Retail CRM Solutions to Bring The Best Customer Experience

By Linda

Retail CRM solutions are the best for your business. The software helps you to organize all the customer data to create synchronization data for the team. The team will use the data to grow the business and maintain customer satisfaction. 

Choosing the best or the ideal one is challenging. Therefore, this article will guide you to the best CRM for your business.

Why are Retail CRM Solutions Important?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a system to collect, organize, and manage all customer-related data and information. Thus, you can track their purchasing journey more efficiently. That information will help enhance the customer experience and improve data management.

CRM collects customer data from the website, email, phone, and social media across multiple channels and sources. It organizes the data to manage the relationship with the customer. 

Altogether, CRM helps the business owner to find new customers, reach their target, grow their sales, and make the customer happy. It builds a strong relationship with the customer and makes the business grow faster. Here is a deeper look at the importance of retail CRM solutions for your business.

1. Retail CRM Solutions Help to Grow Your Business with Customer

When the business is in rapid growth, it will create a lot of friction in the process because sometimes you are unprepared. However, friction is a normal thing in business growth. This is where CRM is used for.

CRM platforms will eliminate friction because they build the customer experience and create the best environment for the customer. It makes easier access to the business owner in organizing and managing the business goals and daily operations for all the customers.

2. Align the Sales, Marketing, and Service Team

Cross-team relationships are the key to any business. Those three should align to make the business go smoothly and give customers the best experience in purchasing the brand. 

For that reason, CRM is the solution to aligning sales and marketing. CRM will help the team to share critical data and customer information to make a comprehensive business decision.

The customer will get a seamless and consistent experience that will leave a great impression on your brand. A good impression will make the customer loyal to your brand and make a repurchase.

3. Sync and Share The Customer Data

Retail CRM solutions will make data synchronization with all the teams and share important data with automatic updates. It will keep all the contact records and sync all the newest data.  

Synchronized data will help you create an accurate record you can share with all your team members within the platform. CRM software will create customer data sources to make the team personalized customer experience in purchasing. 

Retail CRM Solutions

After understanding the necessities of CRM software, you can choose which one will grow your business and benefit your business. Here is a list of the best retail CRM solutions for your business. 

1. Square POS

Square POS is the number one retail CRM and POS on the list. They provide the best mobile app for all users. You can start selling anywhere because they provide a synced online store and social media. They offer shipping, product pickup, and local delivery. You can manage all your business in just one place.

This software offers you a free plan to try all the features with limited access. However, if you think that this software meets your criteria, you can subscribe for $60 per month. 

2. Bitrix24

This is an excellent CRM for retail. The software provides an e-commerce store that is integrated with a POS tool. Bitrix24 offers a platform to manage the business to deal with customers and increase sales. This software provides an automated workflow and allows you to monitor the sales activity.

The software offers a free plan package for anyone. If you want to subscribe, you only need to pay $39 monthly for up to 5 users. They will give you a 30-day free trial after you subscribe to it. 

3. Hubspot CRM

This software provides a feature for all businesses that need email marketing tools to send it to the customer automatically. It helps you customize your email layout, add calls-to-action and images, and modify all your content. Hubspot CRM also supports all your team members in designing marketing emails.

Hubspot CRM offers a free plan for all new users to try some of their features. Also, you can subscribe to their platform for $45 per month, including two users.  It also offers 14 days free trial before you pay. You can get paid plan experience before actually subscribing to it. 

4. Shopify

Shopify integrated CRM and POS, which is the best deal for all users who employ social media to sell and promote their products. This platform provides customizable templates, so you can use the website’s design and launch your store easily and quickly.

It provides all things you need to run a business. They will handle the marketing and payment to secure transactions and shipping. Also, millions of users trust Shopify to manage their stores.

However, Shopify does not provide a Free Plan for the users, but they provide a Free Trial for Paid Plans. You can subscribe to it first, then you will get 14 days free trial of the paid services. The cost for one month is $9. It is cheaper than the other software because the feature they offer is only a basic one.

5. Vend

Vend has one of the best user-friendly retail CRM solutions. They have strong brick-and-mortar store management. Additionally, the software is easy to use and learn. Thus, it minimizes the training time. It offers the easiest payment solution in retail and a real-time report for the best business decision.

Vend does not provide a free plan, but they give a 14-day free trial for all users who subscribe to it. It only costs $99 a month, and you can get all the benefits they offer to manage your business and grow your sales.

Choose The Best Retail CRM Solutions to Grow Your Business Bigger!

Retail CRM solutions can make the best result report to manage customer satisfaction. The team can also work aligned with the updated information to create the best experience for the customer. It will make the business grow bigger and create loyal customers.

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