Best Online CRM Solutions 2024: Build New Business Experience

By Linda

Online CRM solutions are cloud-based software that helps you manage your business. An interesting business experience by utilizing today’s technology that is automatically integrated would be an advantage. Especially if you are passionate about developing and expanding your business network. Find out some CRM software recommendations in this article.

The Best Online CRM Solutions for Your Business

There are various online CRM solutions that you can find online. Here are lists of them.

1. HubSpot

The online CRM solution that will make your work easier is HubSpot. This is one software that offers more effective and efficient business management. There are many features that you can get on HubSpot.

  • Simplify contact management and have an integrated system automatically.
  • Reading business insights is easier with a reporting dashboard.
  • Fast search e-mail tracking, and email marketing that shortens the work of the sales team.
  • Providing an easy forum for communication with customers, through shared inboxes, help desks, and live chat software.

2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is one of the most well-known CRM software. It comes from a company that has multiple headquarters in Estonia, Portugal, Florida, U.K., and Czech. If you are interested in using Pipedrive then you can get the offer at an affordable price. There is also a free trial version available for new Pipedrive users.

  • Leads Management, and Sales. This feature will make it easier for you to manage your business, monitor, and delegate tasks to the entire team.
  • Communications Tracking. Allows users to communicate related to business needs so that all history can be stored properly.
  • The automation system will make it easier for you and your team to manage the business.
  • Provide business insights and an easily accessible reporting system.
  • Can be accessed via mobile Apps.
  • There is privacy, and guaranteed security in the software.

3. SalesForce

SalesForce is one of the cloud-based online CRM software solutions that is often the choice for business owners or developers in California. The SalesForce founder company is known for developing applications that focus on marketing and service development. Features that you can find in SalesForce include:

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Slases Platform, and App Exchanger

4. Barantum CRM

Barantum CRM is one of the original CRM software made in Indonesia. Even though it is still counted as a new CRM software, Barantum CRM provides many excellent features. It comes as an application that will help you improve sales performance and also provide good customer service.

Some of the other excellent features of Barantum CRM are as follows:

  • Easy customization. This software is designed with an easy-to-understand interface, and you can even customize it according to your wishes.
  • Email marketing feature that allows you to provide direct offers via email, to CRM users.
  • Task management is a feature that allows your team to work effectively and efficiently.
  • 360 view, is one of the important features that can present complete data, sales activity management, and monitoring.
  • WhatsApp Business and Omnichannel allow you to provide well-integrated chat services. Integrated social media, web chat, and cloud center system.
  • File sharing will become easier and more effective among users of online CRM solutions.
  • Live GPS, and Mobile CRM, are free additional features that you can access anytime online or offline.
  • Well-integrated Barantum Cloud Center system assistance.

5. Freshsales

If you need online CRM software that can drive customer engagement and comprehensive solutions, then Freshsales can be a good choice. This application allows you to continue to grow your business and manage it from just one platform. So, what are the best features?

  • Provide comprehensive management access from one application.
  • Sending emails, and making calls is easier with one access.
  • Visualize your deals pipeline.
  • Automate repetitive tasks.

6. Monday Sales CRM

Monday Sales CRM is one of the best CRMs, which is also used by big companies like Lionsgate, Coca-Cola, and Canva. This software offers complete features as follows:

  • Easier customization, because everyone can adjust the design according to their respective templates and styles.
  • Integrated, centrally organized client communication.
  • This application is also connected with many other applications that allow you to manage them from one platform.
  • Helping you manage your schedule and all business processes.
  • Instant overview for each of your business deals.

7. Zoho

As a professional online CRM, Zoho has a cloud base that makes it easy for all its users to manage their business easily. Zoho is integrated with Omnichannel which allows users to perform multiple activities on various channels. What makes Zoho stand out?

  • This application is automatically integrated with other Zoho products, so you can get access to these applications more quickly.
  • Omnichannel allows you to manage various social media, live chat, and channels on various platforms.
  • You can choose a free plan or a premium plan with Zoho.
  • Easy to use for every new and old user.
  • Available in mobile Apps.

8. Capsule Online CRM Solutions

This Capsule CRM application might be a suitable CRM software to attract audience engagement and also retain your regular customers. It is a simple online CRM that functions to increase your business sales. It’s easy to use, allowing everyone to operate it, so this application is also often used for small businesses. The main features of this Capsule are:

  • Manage business easily and structure. You can maintain a good relationship with customers by providing the information they need.
  • Increase sales by maintaining good business flow.
  • Sales analytics that will provide a complete picture of sales reports and business progress.
  • Workflow automation, this feature will help your business be more structured, quicker, and more consistent.

Figure Out What Your Business Need, Online CRM is a Solutions

Customer relationship management will probably be an important application if you have a large business plan and grow in a shorter period. This application will help you delegate tasks to the sales team and also collaborate with all of your customers. As a result, after you use online CRM solutions you will realize how much easier your business will be handled.

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