10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024

By Linda

Have you considered the idea of improving your connection with potential clients? Doing so manually can be challenging and less efficient due to the need for more staff. However, there’s a solution in the form of Customer Relationship Management or CRM software Bangalore that can enhance your business interactions.

Choosing the right software can be overwhelming since the options are many, and not all are reliable. That’s why we have extensively researched the market’s offerings and compiled an updated list of the top CRM software in Bangalore. Take a look at the following list to find the best CRM software that will lead you to success!

What Does CRM Mean and Why Is It Important?

CRM, short for “Customer Relationship Management,” is a software solution to assist entrepreneurs in effortlessly monitoring all interactions and cultivating connections with their potential customers. 

Rather than juggling various spreadsheets, databases, and applications to keep tabs on customer information, CRM software streamlines this process for small businesses. The outcome is enhanced organization, improved efficiency, and more effectiveness.

A CRM system serves as a centralized hub for consolidating data related to sales prospects and customers. This includes communication records (such as form submissions, calls, emails, text messages, and meetings), along with documents, quotes, purchases, and tasks.

10 Highly Recommended CRM Software Bangalore

The compilation of CRM software in Bangalore aids you in refining your choices. They allow you to utilize valuable feedback from clients to make an optimal decision that aligns with your business needs.

1. Astral Real Estate ERP

It facilitates monitoring Project Inventory by keeping tabs on reserved and available apartments. It offers a comprehensive solution covering every step, starting from project inception and property reservation to payment collection and paperwork. 

In real-time, the Site Manager can monitor forthcoming payments and retrieve historical data categorized by customers. The Management Dashboard presents an all-encompassing view of the project, including payment status, reservations, and sales performance.


  • Customer Relationship Management & Sales Dashboards,
  • Analytics for Customer Relationship Management,
  • Developed API for CRM,
  • Tracking Sales Progress,
  • Mobile Application for CRM & Sales,
  • Management of Inventory.

2. OneHash

It introduces a groundbreaking concept as the globe’s premier Faas (Fusion of SaaS and FOSS). You can elevate your sales potential by utilizing the CRM and ERP utility. 

Access features such as pipeline visualization, call management, lead administration, email automation, and an array of other functionalities. All within a single platform offered at an affordable $397 for a lifetime subscription, it grants unlimited user access and is backed by a 60-day money-back assurance.


  • Management of Suppliers and Purchase Orders,
  • Handling Taxation,
  • Multi-User Access with Role-Based Permissions,
  • Project Oversight and Management,
  • Generation of Bills and Invoices.


For over fifteen years, SANeForce, as one of the best CRM software Bangalore, has been offering SFE software solutions to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It serves a vast clientele of over five hundred companies. 

Their services include Mobile App integration, eDetailing with Closed-Loop Marketing (CLM), GEO Tagging, Geo-Fencing, and pharmaceutical Offline SFE Reporting.


  • Management of Activities,
  • Oversight of Calls,
  • Channel Administration.

4. CollaBrill

It’s designed to amplify efficiency and profitability for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This cloud-centric solution offers a user-friendly collaborative environment that empowers enterprises to streamline their entire operational journey, alleviate challenges, simplify operations, and heighten productivity.


  • Management of Expenses,
  • Tracking of Applicants,
  • Oversight of Applications,
  • Self-Service Portal,
  • Administration of Workflows.

5. Travelomatix 

This one represents a pivotal advancement of modern travel booking platforms for travel agencies. By simplifying the process, this software allows seamless management of customers and suppliers by adding tags/categories. 

Moreover, Travelomatic offers granular control over pricing, payment structures, and search regulations down to the finest details.


  • Management of Clients,
  • Integration with GDS/OTA,
  • Formation of Itineraries,
  • Processing Payments,
  • Generation of Quotes/Estimates.

6. Bizex 

Bizex is one of the best CRM Software in Bangalore designed to meet the unique requirements of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises and also, for rapidly expanding startups. 

It embraces a comprehensive suite of interconnected modules that ensure perfect operations across the Professional Service Sector, Entertainment sector, and emerging new-age startups.


  • Human Resources and Payroll Administration,
  • Mobile Compatibility and Support,
  • Online Assessments and Psychometric Tests,
  • Task Oversight and Management,
  • Integration with Swap Card.

7. BIDxprt 

This CRM tool represents a corporate platform for overseeing Bids, Presales, and RFP Management which is aimed at enhancing, automating, and revolutionizing the Bid Management procedures within an organization. 


  • Project Management Available On-Demand via SaaS,
  • Email Marketing and SMS Marketing Capabilities,
  • Management of Inventory,
  • Generation of Leads,
  • Integration with CRM Systems.

8. IntelliStant 

IntelliStans is a business management and CRM software designed to assist in monitoring customer interactions and related activities. It includes a comprehensive set of crucial components, ranging from Lead generation to Quotation, Invoice, and Payment management, all accompanied by an intelligent product catalog.


  • Dashboards for CRM & Sales Monitoring,
  • Analysis Tools for CRM,
  • Automation of Marketing Processes,
  • Availability On-Demand via SaaS,
  • Project Management Capabilities.


The architecture of CREST CRM is crafted to seamlessly expand according to your business’s growth trajectory. As one of the best CRM Software in Bangalore,  CREST contributes to enhancing customer lifetime value, streamlining the sales process, and elevating staff efficiency. Furthermore, it operates as a completely unified CRM solution.


  • Dashboards for CRM & Sales Monitoring,
  • Analysis Tools for CRM Data,
  • Integration of Email Services,
  • Availability On-Demand via SaaS,
  • Generating Sales Quotations.

10. KVP Business Solutions

KVP Business Solutions functions as a management consulting company with a robust focus on cloud technology expertise. They stand at the forefront as the preferred collaborator for entities aiming to unlock every capacity for growth at the subsequent level.


  • Monitoring Dashboards for CRM & Sales,
  • Analysis Tools for CRM Data,
  • Available On-Demand via SaaS,
  • Generating Sales Quotations,
  • Management of Territories.

Grow Your Business With Our Choices For CRM Software Bangalore!

In conclusion, if you’re seeking to propel your business toward unprecedented growth and success, our highly recommended CRM software is the ideal solution. With its advanced features, intuitive interface, and tailored solutions, your business in Bangalore can truly thrive. 

Ensure you seize the chance to transform your business environment significantly. Embrace our CRM software in Bangalore and grow your business. Experience the transformation firsthand and witness the power of innovation at its best.

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