Zoho CRM Outlook Plugin: An Overview to Enhance Your Workflow

By Linda

Zoho CRM is a CRM platform that helps you to make your business grow. It has a free plan that allows you to lead and manage contacts easily. Moreover, Zoro CRM also integrates very well with other apps, such as Microsoft Outlook. Here, we will see how good the Zoho CRM Outlook plugin is and how it will benefit you.

What’s the Zoho CRM Outlook plugin?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a platform to oversee all company’s interactions with the customers. CRM helps you to collect customers’ data, such as phone, address, email, social media, and any other data.

The systems may gather other information, for instance, their communication preferences and the company’s current activity. It will help the user to understand the customers to improve the relationship.

Some CRM systems offer AI technology to improve the task. You can set the systems to do automatic jobs, like administrative tasks, data input, lead, and service routing. As a result, you can save time to do other work.

Zoho CRM is a simple CRM to help your business. It is effortlessly to use and recommended for those unfamiliar with CRM. This CRM allows you to manage your contacts lists, create leads with intuitive customization, preprogrammed workflow, and email marketing.

Zoro CRM Outlook plugin will help you integrate well between Zoho CRM and Microsoft Outlook. This plugin allows you to synchronize the data from Zoho CRM to Outlook, and vice versa. Therefore, you can manage the data without manually transferring it to other platforms.

Features and Systems Requirements

This plugin provides several features that might be very useful for you. If you are interested in this software, there are some system requirements you need to pay attention to. We will explain it all to you.

1. Features

These are the features that the Zoho CRM plugin offers:

  • Connect the Microsoft Outlook inbound and outbound emails to Zoho CRM features, such as leads, contacts, and deals.
  • Automatically synchronize contacts, calendar meetings, and tasks in MS Outlook to Zoho CRM.
  • Exports contacts, calendar meetings, and tasks from Microsoft Outlook to Zoho CRM.
  • Add Outlook emails or file attachments to Zoho CRM’s leads, and contact without modifying the original messages.
  • Add new cases in Zoho CRM by adding a new email.
  • Synchronize the data of Zoho CRM and Outlook to avoid data duplication.
  • Share data CRM with other teamwork.
  • Personalize email marketing, for example, by sending bulk emails and tracking performance.
  • Mobile app.
  • Reduce data entry and time-saving.

2. System Requirements

If you are interested in the Zoho plugin for Outlook, you must be attentive to the system requirements. You must ensure that the software is compatible with your device.

For Windows:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, and 10.
  • Hardware: x486 with 256 MB RAM or higher. Minimum free space of 10 MB.
  • Software: Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016.

For Mac OS:

  • Operating Systems: Mac OS X 10.6 or higher version.
  • Software: Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac.

The Advantages of the Zoho CRM Outlook plugin

There are many good things you’ll get when you use this software. Besides helping you improve your workflow, its features also help you find potential customers easily. Moreover, you can manage your interaction and relationship with customers better.

1. Synchronization of Data with MS Outlook

The plugin will automatically synchronize your data; Therefore, you don’t need to manually enter the data if there is a change within Zoho CRM and Outlook applications. Furthermore, you’ll stay signed in to Zoho CRM whenever you open Microsoft Outlook.

2. Improve Productivity

Zoho CRM plugins provide accesses that allow you to do your work more efficiently. It will save you time while you can work on other activities. You can create a new CRM record, edit the existing one, track the customers’ experiences, or create scheduled appointments without closing MS Outlook.

3. Personalization and Customization

This software offers you features to customize your preferences. For example, you can set your preference notifications, modify the layouts, and modules CRM you want to see. As a result, you can adapt and improvise your workflow without any trouble.

4. Sharing and Collaboration

Collaboration features in the Zoho CRM Outlook plugin allow you to share the CRM records, emails, and contacts with your teams directly from MS Outlook. Your colleague also can see, edit, and improve the data you sent. You can improve communication and collaboration with your coworkers better and increase teamwork performance.

5. Enhance Customer Experience

The feature of the Zoho CRM plugin allows you to manage emails while opening a CRM. It will make you easily manage customers’ interactions, track their activity, and analyze their preferences. Furthermore, you can improve customer experience and boost engagement and sales.

6. Offline and Mobile Access

Zoho CRM allows you to stay productive even without an internet connection. You can still see, edit, and track CRM records while offline. When you reconnect to the internet, the data is synchronized and saved to the cloud server.

Moreover, there is also the mobile app. You can stay connected to your work even when you are away from your desk.

The Drawbacks of the Zoho CRM Outlook plugin

Unfortunately, the Zoho CRM plugin also has some drawbacks. You should be aware of these disadvantages, so you can think carefully if this software suits you. The disadvantages include:

1. Limited Access and Features

Although the free plan of Zoho CRM gives you many valuable features, you need to pay a higher tier if you want to access more features. For example, you must upgrade Zoho CRM to a standard plan to access scheduling features. To access AI features, you need to upgrade to higher tiers.

The free version is only available to three users. This version has fewer features compared to the higher tier. The free version doesn’t have calendar booking, forecasting, and customization. The better features are on higher tiers; that’s why it would be costly if you want to gain full access to Zoho CRM.

2. Poor Customer Support

Zoho CRM, unfortunately, has mixed reviews for its customer service. While some users praise the program for being easy to use, other users might think the opposite. The software is quite difficult to integrate CRM with other third parties and other services are hard to understand.

How Much is the Pricing of Zoho CRM?

You might need to consider buying the paid version if you want to gain full access to the Zoho CRM Outlook plugin. This list will help you understand the benefit you get from each tier.

Free$0 for 3 usersContact, lead, account managementOutlook Add-In.Document storage up to 1GB.Tracking of data records.Custom Automation.Standard CRM report.Custom email templates.
Standard$14 per userAll professional tier features. Zia, the AI feature to enrich data, reminds the tasks and pulls the CRM records.Customize CRM module. Forecasting based on territory.Multiple scoring rules on lead scores.
Professional$23 per userAll standard-tier featuresDuplicate detection.Unlimited reports.Case management module and customer support.Storage management.Mass email scheduling.Sales gamification as a built-in feature.
Enterprise$40 per userAll professional tier features. Zia, the AI feature to enrich data, reminds the tasks and pulls the CRM records. Customize CRM module. Forecasting based on territory.Multiple scoring rules on lead scores.
Ultimate$52 per userAll enterprise tier features.Zia, the AI feature for auto lead scoring.Unlimited Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).50 sales pipelines.
Pricing of Zoho CRM 2024

Improve Your Productivity with Zoho CRM Outlook Plugin!

The Zoho CRM Outlook plugin undoubtedly will boost your productivity and customer engagement. This program allows you to analyze your customers’ activity without closing your Outlook applications. You can also share your data with your coworkers and improve your teamwork.

However, you must consider this platform carefully. Do you want it as a free version? Or are you willing to pay to access more features? You may need more time to understand its features. Once you get used to it, you can examine it to revamp your business.

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