5 CRM Software for Individuals and Why You Must Use It

By Linda

As your business activities grow bigger, you may think that balancing your business and personal life can be something difficult. With that situation, you could use CRM software to solve it. Here are 5 recommendations of CRM software for individuals and why you must use it.

Knowing What Is CRM Software for Individuals

CRM software for individuals has some key features as CRM software for companies. However, it focuses more on your personal contacts, such as your friends, family, or anyone who has personal connections with you.

This software can monitor the information of your friends, family, and other people in your personal contacts. You could also input information about your business partners and other professionals, making this software a virtual address book, database, and calendar to remind you about important events.

Several essential features of individual CRM software could be beneficial in your daily life:

  • Groups or Tags: You could easily organize your contacts based on similar categories, such as groups or tags for friends, family, business partners, professionals, etc.
  • Updates from Your Contacts: Individual CRM software can give you updates from your contacts’ social profiles or notify you about old and new headlines or any other events related to your contacts.
  • Activities or Notes: Using this software, you not only get notifications of your activities on your calendars or emails, but you also could track your activities on other platforms, such as messages, social media, or phone calls.
  • Reconnect Schedules: Individual CRM software can set you reconnecting intervals for either weekly, monthly, or quarterly, you could personalize it based on your needs.

5 Recommendations of CRM Software for Individuals

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for personal users offers you essential features to maintain your personal relationship although you are busy. Here are 5 recommendations of CRM software for individuals that can ease your duty in maintaining your personal contacts.

1. Dex

Building and nurturing relationships is the main goal of Dex. It works as an extension that gathers the data of the contacts through social media accounts and keep it in its database. Dex can suggest you some recommended contacts based on your personal contact book.

You could set reminders to contact someone, important events, or appointments. You could use Dex through its website or using mobile devices, such as iOS or Android. Dex offers a free version service with limited reminders, events, and notifications and unlimited access by paying $13.50 per month or $105 annually.

2. Up Habit, CRM Software for Individuals with Professional Introducing Template

Up Habit is suitable for business owners who get swamped with contacts in their personal and business lives. While providing great services in the free version, it also offers monthly premium features with the business version for $49.99 and Super Connector at $59.99.

This software can help you make quick professional introductions using premade templates. You could also set notifications, and reminders, take notes, and organize contacts with different tags.

3. Monica

Monica is an individual CRM software that focuses on maintaining your personal relationships when you get overwhelmed with your professional life. It provides extensive profiles for your contacts. You could fill it with detailed information such as their personal data, close relatives, friends, etc.

Furthermore, you could also track your last meetings, upcoming events, and birthdays, and set reminders about important appointments. Monica is easy to use and provides journal features to record your personal thoughts or feelings. You could enjoy the services for free by hosting contact management software or paying $9 per month.

4. Contacts+

This personal CRM software can help you organize contacts efficiently, enriching your data automatically, and offering you seamless integration with popular communication apps. Contacts+ also keeps your data clean with easy deduplication, automated scans, and synchronization across multiple platforms and devices.

Currently, you could enjoy Contacts+ through a website, mobile application, or social media connector. Contacts+ offers you great services for free (with some limited features) and fully accessed features by paying starting from $9.99 per month.

5. Covve

Covve works through mobile applications by synchronizing with your personal contacts on your phone. For every contact, you can set how frequently you want to interact and this software will remind you if you pass the period.

Moreover, you could use professional email templates for professional networking, a tool to make easy-shared digital business cards, and the latest news relevant to your relationship management.

Why Do You Need to Use CRM Software for Individuals?

You have known some recommendations of CRM software for individuals, but you are still unsure why you need to use it. Perhaps, these benefits of using individual CRM software can give you some insights into why you need this life-safer software.

1. CRM Software for Individuals Helps You Organize Better

You could keep all of your contacts in one place using CRM software. Therefore, you need not waste your time searching through different applications and platforms to get them. Furthermore, you could also group your contacts and make notes, so you could filter your contacts and keep context on your last interaction.

2. Escalate Your Productivity and Efficiency

Individual CRM software may help you in increasing your productivity and efficiency in work by focusing work, task lists, and calendars into some actionable items. Therefore, you do not need to waste more time on scheduling, administrating, and up-keeping them.  

3. Help You Maintain a Better Relationship

Perhaps, this is the main reason you must use individual CRM software. When people get busy with their business or professional lives, they often neglect people in their lives. This kind of software could help you reconnect the relationship and maintain them so you do not have to exert yourself in doing that.

Creating Opportunity for Growth through CRM Software for Individuals

The main goal of CRM software for Individuals indeed is to help you maintain your personal contacts while still active in your profession. However, regardless of your profession, this software still can help you in your career and probably can open opportunities for your growth.

For example, using its analytical and reporting features, you could see which contacts engage the most engaged with your content, which emails get the most replies, or which opportunity gets the most chance to convert.

Maintaining your personal and professional contacts in one place can eliminate the ineffectiveness of bouncing around and wasting your day. Additionally, it can also make sure your contact book stays up to date and up to speed. Plus, you also could use it as an analytical tool to expand your career opportunity.

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