CRM Initiative: What You Need to Know and Its Examples

By Linda

Managing a good relationship with customers is one of the keys to a successful business. Customer Relationship Management or CRM initiative is the answer to maintaining the best relationship with customers by making sure customers have high satisfaction and loyalty rate. What is it about? Find the answer below! 

The Definition of CRM Initiative

CRM initiative is a business strategy focusing on satisfying the customers to gather more profit. Customer data that can be accessed within the organization is analyzed, and then you can find out what the customers want and need the most. 

However, if an organization wants to employ this strategy, it should ensure everyone is on board with the idea. Because not only do you need good technology, but also the employee and process should follow the same tactic. Especially people like customer service who deal with customers every day. 

It will not work well if customer service does not use CRM initiative. Same with the technology and process. For example, assuming that the technology and process are complicated and inaccessible. Then, the customer will have a hard time figuring it out. Thus, they will rethink the decision to become a loyal customer.

Key Steps for CRM Initiative

Now that you know the definition of a CRM initiative, it is time to learn what steps are important to apply in your organization. Those key steps are:

1. The Objectives

This is the first step you should decide before even using a CRM initiative. What are your goals? Is it to increase product sales or perhaps get higher customer satisfaction? 

If you can narrow your goals into specific ones, such as improving customer rates, increasing sales, or having loyal customers, then you can focus on those problems. Choose strategies that might help you conquer the problems you currently have. Research deeply so that you don’t take a wrong decision. 

2. Find the Most Suitable Technology

After acknowledging your problem, you can start to find which software is the most suitable to help you fix that problem. Some factors you should think ahead of time are how many users there will be, how easy the access will be, and also its flexibility. Choosing user-friendly software will also be a good thing to do.

3. Train Employees

Good technology means nothing if no one can access it. Training your employees before fully adapting to the new system is wise. Therefore, you can give workshops and training sessions to ensure they understand the new software. 

Furthermore, applying a healthy environment where employees can help each other grow and keep learning the new system will be better.

4. Keep Updating the System

Taking suggestions and feedback from customers and employees will benefit you in the long run. That way, you can get information if some things need to be updated or add new features. Thus, the system’s usage will undoubtedly become optimized. 

5. Understand Customers Need

As a strategy focusing on customers, one of the CRM initiative’s key steps is understanding customers’ preferences. Collect data using a CRM system to determine customers’ needs, preferences, and dislikes.

Examples of CRM Initiative

What are some examples of the CRM strategy in real life? Here are some of them.

1. Providing a Live Chat for Customers

Some customers might want to ask something urgent and the faster you can reply to their questions, the better it is. For example, the customers might want to ask about the product details they want to buy. 

However, make sure you have enough employees that can be available all time to reply to those chats if you want to apply this. It will be useless if you have a live chat but no one replies on time.

2. Accept Customers’ Feedback

Customers like having their thoughts heard. Feedback and suggestions from customers can be gained by providing a social media account or conducting a survey. Just be sure to reply professionally and consider the feedback well if the customers give criticism or feedback. 

3. Stay Connected with the Customer

Instead of using the internet to send emails or post promotions, engaging with customers online is better. Customers like to interact with the brand they are buying from. You can even check the engagement post and collect data about what the customers like and prefer from social media posts. 

4. Reward Loyal Customers

Another thing you can do to satisfy customers is to reward loyal customers. This tactic makes customers more likely to open messages from your organization and check what they got. If you only send reminders about new products, they will get tired of checking the messages.

Rewards could be a voucher or information about product discounts. But check first if the product the customers desired or not.

How to Start Using a CRM Initiative

Before applying a CRM system in your organization, here are 3 things you need to know:

1. Involve Stakeholders

You should inform stakeholders from all departments beforehand about using a CRM system. After everyone voices their opinions and expectations, then a discussion about the final goal should be done. That way, everyone will agree on the same goal.

2. Arrange CRM System with the Goals  

Having clear goals in mind, the next step is to arrange the CRM system to align the two align the system can work efficiently and on track. Ensure that the arrangement suits your company, and let your employee learn it well before releasing the system to the public. 

3. Monitor and Analyze Data Routinely

Analyze the current trend, customers’ behavior, and preferences using the CRM system to stay relevant in business. After a little time, while analyzing the patterns, you can predict the trends and customers’ needs. 

Have You Understood the Importance of the CRM Initiative?

CRM initiative is a great strategy to make your customers loyal to you. By offering good services, interacting well with customers, and analyzing customers’ data, your business will soar higher than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly apply a CRM system in your organization!

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